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Software Products for Bailey DCS Systems


Bailey DCS Simulator- Run large sets of MFC/MFP/BRC binary controller CFG files in a virtual execution environment on a PC. Connect a simple or sophisticated process model, with closed loop control via your own control logic files.. used as-is. Connect your real operator console, or our emulated console, and control your simulated plant. Monitor what's happening inside the CAD logic directly from your EWS software. Just like in the real plant.


OPsCon Operators Console - Replace old ABB consoles with a full-function PC based console employing the popular GE Proficy iFIX HMI software.  Enjoy the ability to make flexible system and network configurations to meet your needs. Over 900 of these consoles have been installed, all on Bailey DCS systems!!  


OPC Server - Serve process data from your Bailey Net 90 or Infi 90 DCS or Harmony to the OPC application of your choice.




Latest News
Our Bailey DCS Simulator now supports User Defined Functions (UDF).



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Performance enhancements for our Bailey DCS Simulator now make it the fastest available in the market. Able to execute more than 5000 UDF blocks per second in a system of 300,000+ blocks. This establishes a tough bench mark for others to meet.