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900+ consoles installed

on Net 90 & Infi 90 !

OPsCon Operator Console for Bailey DCS


Does your Net 90 or Infi 90 DCS have aging consoles?  Are they hard to maintain?  Not really working as well as you think a console should?  Want to bring PLC or other systems into your main consoles?  What to migrate away from the closed & proprietary ABB console solutions to an open console platform?  Or do you simply want to save money?

The OPsCon operators console offers complete operators  console functionality to replace any native ABB/Bailey console including:

  • MCS and MCSPlus
  • PCV & LAN90 PCV
  • OIS10, 11, 12, 13, 20, 21, 22, 25, 40, 41, 42, 43, 45
  • Conductor NT
  • Any other ABB or third party console
The OPsCon operators console offers:
  • PC Based using W2003, W2008, Wndows XP or Wndows 7
  • Rely on the long lived GE Proficy iFIX products with 300,000+ HMI sold
  • Connect to common serial & SCSI CIU
  • Bailey DCS plus 7 more device types to one console
  • Support ANY network structure you need
  • Single or dual screen
  • Supports all essential Bailey console functions
  • History from weeks to years for all your tags and alarms
  • Unlimited graphics and trend pages
  • Mimic existing console or new displays
  • Low cost automation assisted conversion of both database and graphics
  • Fully OPEN console solution
  • Easy to Learn & Easy to Use for operators
  • Easy to learn and easy to change and maintain for technicians.
  • Thin client or web based consoles are available via the GE Proficy product line

More Information

Based on iFIX
OPsCon builds on the Ge Proficy iFIX HMI and other GE products.


Install on your desktop or with the furniture of your choice.