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OPC Server

The BEST OPC Server available for Net 90 and Infi 90 DCS Systems 

OPC Server for Bailey Net 90 and Infi 90 DCS


OPC Server for Bailey Net 90 & Infi 90 DCS

This high performance OPC server is easy to install and configure, and supports connection to all Net 90 and Infi 90 DCS systems via all of the most common interfaces available.   

  • Capacity 10,000 tags (serial) and 30,000 tags (SCSI)

  • Supports all common serial RS-232 interfaces including: CIC01, NCIU01, NCIU02, NCIU03, NCIU04, INICI01, INICI03, INICT03, INICI12, INPCI02

  • Supports all common SCSI interfaces including: INICI03, INICT03, INICI13, INICT13, IIMCP02.  Ask us about our hardware kit for SCSI connection to PC.

  • Supports all key data types via data exception including: ANALOG (FC30 and others ), DIGITAL (FC45 and others ), RCM (FC62), RMSC (FC68), STATION (FC80, 21, 22, 23), DD (FC123), MSDD (FC129), RMCB (FC136), TEXT BLOCK (FC151), DAANG (FC177), User Defined Data Export (FC194), Analog In/Channel (FC222), Analog Out/Channel (FC223), Digital In/Channel (FC224), Digital Out/Channel (FC225)

  • Supports polling of arbitrary block addresses.

  • Supports on line tag database modification from any network location, and provides tool support for database import from existing tag databases.

  • Run as application or as service under Microsoft Windows XP, W2003, W2008, or Win7 (32 bit). Auto start and run with tag database.

  • Supports tuning, module status, time synchronization, module mode control, add/modify/delete block, load/unload CFG file and more...

  • Does NOT require ABB SEMAPI.  An excellent choice for data acquisition to historian.





The OPC interface is compliant to OPC standards:

  • OPC Data Access (DA)  v2.0
  • OPC Alarms and Events (A&E) v1.0