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News & Product History


Composer EWS Companion Will Release Shortly

The Composer Companion version of our Bailey DCS Simulator will release this summer. Composer Companion is intended as an high value but low cost add-on to the ABB Composer EWS tools you already use. With Composer Companion you can load and unload a simulated controller, via simulated CIU, just like you would when Composer connects to the real plant. With Composer Companion you can execute your CFG logic in a simulated environment, and MONITOR the relevant CAD sheets, just like with the real DCS, but before you take the chance to install the logic to the real DCS.



Simulate even the BIGGEST DCS Systems

Our Bailey DCS Simulator just got faster.. a whole lot faster. Even before this change, our simulator was the fastest in the market, but with this additional 8 X speed improvement (or more !!) we now expect that our simulator has the power to simulate almost all ABB Infi-90/Harmony DCS Systems that were ever installed.. all within a single PC and simulating at real time or faster (to 10X). Our performance limit is now well above 300,000 blocks and 100 controllers.. certainly miuch larger than most users will ever need.

Tenaris Operators Console Goes In-Service In Indonesia

This steel pipe plant had neglected the operator consoles in its control room for long enough. Half of the consoles were no longer were functional, and the engineering workstation no longer worked. However, we were still able to install a redundant pair of OPsCon Servers, plus additional OPsCon Clients, in a single site trip. After complete training, the Tenaris operators adapted to their new consoles, based on the GE Proficy iFIX HMI, and even before we left the Tenaris technical staff were able to make engineering modifications to their new consoles.



Batch-90 and UDF Support Added to Simulator

Previse is pleased to announce that our Bailey DCS Simulator, already the most comprehensive simulator for the ABB Infi-90/Harmony DCS Systems, now also supports both Batch-90 (and FC148 and FC219) and the User Defined Function set of blocks. This version also provides a sophisticated new Debugger to help you review your cost function.

Akzo Nobel Chemicals

Previse customer is pleased to announce that our industry leading Bailey DCS Simulator, for ABB Infi-90/Harmony DCS systems, will be released with support for ABB Batch-90 programs in early 2011. Already working in the Previse development labs, this functionality will include enhanced Batch debugger tools.



Dominion Cove Point LNG Operator Training Simulator

As year end approaches, so does the in-service date for the Dominion Cove Point LNG plant operator training simulator. This OTS includes a plant process model from GSE that reads/writes 4600 field IO points to the Bailey DCS Simulator, and a pair of Emerson Delta V operator console servers with 10,000 console tags.

Operator Training for Packaging Corporation of America

Previse Bailey DCS Simulator has been selected by Honeywell as a core component of an operator training simulator for the Packaging Corporation of America in Georgia. A key selection factor was the ease with which Honeywell would be able to connect the Honeywell UniSim Operations (formerly HiSys) process simulation software to drive field IO into the Bailey DCS Simulator.

Veolia Adds Another Operator Console

As a sign of confidence in OPsCon, Veolia in the UK adds another OPsCon server to the two existing servers that have been providing reliable operator console functions for 5+ years, and removes the last ABB OIS25 console.



Bailey DCS used as Composer Companion

Two process engineers at Air Products find it useful to use our Bailey DCS Simulator as a companion product to ABB Composer. The simulator supports desk execution of their new control logic, and reduces on site time and expense by helping get the control logic bugs out while still at the office.

Arizona Public Services (APS) OTS in-service

Previse is pleased to report that the Operator Training Simulator for the APS Cholla plant is in-service. This training simulator, with a low fidelity process model managed by Kruse Controls, executes the actual plant control logic for 13 controllers, and connects CiTech operators consoles identical to those in the MCR. The simulator also connects Composer EWS tools for logic maintenance.

Ameren Alarm Management with OPC A&E

PAS Alarm Management made use of the Previse OPC Server for Bailey DCS to provide an advanced alarm management system for Ameren power plants in Illinois. The OPC Alarms & Events support that now comes standard with our OPC Server was a key factor in this installation.

Reliant Energy Wonderware In-Touch Conversion

Reliant Energy was able to convert a Wonderware InTouch HMI to a GE Fanuc iFIX HMI as part of their standardization efforts thanks to the automated InTouch to iFIX conversion capabilities at Previse.

9 Years and Going Strong Off-shore in Nigeria

Total Petroleum (formerly Elf) voiced their confidence in their OPsCon consoles both on-shore and on several off-shore platforms by updating them this year after 9 years of trouble free in-service operations.



Operator Training Simulator (OTS) in Ashtabula Ohio

Power station in Ashtabula Ohio selects Previse Bailey DCS Simulator as core OTS component. This simulator, with a low fidelity process model by Kruse Controls of Ohio, also integrates Rockwell PLC based BMS controls.

Mynah Process Modelling for Operator Training

Previse is pleased to announce that Mynah has created a driver to connect their process simulation software to the Previse Bailey DCS Simulator. Mynah, well known within the Emerson DeltaV channel, completed their connection in just over a week. This connection means that Mynah and Previse can now deliver an Operator Training Simulator with Mynah process simulation, Previse execution of controller binary files as-is, and whatever console our customer chooses..

ICT13 Support

OPsCon consoles now support the ABB INICT13 CIU, as does the Previse OPC Server for Bailey DCS.

Cape Software

Previse is pleased to announce that Cape Software has created a driver to connect their VP-Link automated test product to the Previse Bailey DCS Simulator.

Indeck Energy Selects OPsCon

Indeck Energy selects a pair of OPsCon consoles to provide MCR operator console functions, integrated by Turnkey Systems of New York state.

Honeywell Alaska

When the BPXA division of Honeywell needed to perform a stress analysis for the large and very distributed ABB/Bailey DCS installation at the Alaska BP gas pipeline, they selected the Previse Bailey DCS Simulator to help. A key problems were the need to simulate a total of 400+ controllers, including many of the older Net 90 COM/AMM and LMM modules. It would have been prohibitively expensive to build a real DCS to simulate data traffic, and no other software product in existence had the required capabilities. But with the Previse Bailey DCS Simulator, and some Previse expert assistance, Honeywell was able to perform the required data traffic stress analysis.



Operator Training Simulator (OTS) at V.C. Summer Nuclear

Our Bailey DCS Simulator is yet again selected as a core OTS component, this time for an OTS at the VC Summer nuclear power station in South Carolina. VC Summer specifically liked the fact that they would also be able to connect their EWS tools to monitor CAD sheets within the simulator.

OPsCon Console at Midwest Generation Waukegan Unit 8

After 5+ years of operation of Previse OPsCon operator consoles within the Waukegan coal yard, and last years installation in the MCR for Unit 7, Midwest selected OPsCon again to replace the aging consoles in the MCR for Unit 8. We appreciate the confidence that all of our long time customers have in us.

OPC Alarms & Events Support is Available

Previse announces that OPC Alarms & Events v1.0 support has been added to our OPC Server for ABB/Bailey DCS Systems, making the Previse OPC server the only high performance OPC server available for the Infi-90/Harmony DCS system with BOTH OPC DA v2.0 and OPC A&E 1.0 support.

Marking 10 years of Operator Console operations

Previse is proud to mark the 10th anniversary of our earliest operator console installations, and to count how many installations we have that are now 10+ years old, and still counting. This is a testament to the effort we put into keeping our console product simple, and VERY robust.




Bailey DCS Simulator Selected for Full Scope Operator Training Simulator

The Previse Bailey DCS Simulator has been selected as a core component for a new full scope hybrid operator training simulator at the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Power Station owned by Kapar Energy Ventures in Malaysia. In this installation the Previse Bailey DCS Simulator will support execution of 81 controller module files at real time in a Windows XP virtual machine environment while supporting direct connection to ABB OIS42 operator consoles.  Previse will participate as a subcontractor with GSE Power Systems of Maryland.

  2005   Simulator Passes Microsoft Tests

The Previse Bailey DCS Simulator passed Microsoft mandated platform testing at the Veritest test lab, thus confirming operability on Windows 2003 and Windows XP platforms

Bailey DCS Simulator Released

Previse has released a Bailey DCS Simulator as a CD-ROM product.  This simulator executes MFC/MFP controller CFG files directly.  Use the simulator for operator training or to test control changes before installing them.  Click here for more information.


2004   Operator Training Simulator

Previse delivered the platform for a medium fidelity Operating Training Facility for a 700MW power plant in Ohio.  The key feature of this facility is that all plant modeling & control logic is contained within 26 binary MFC/MFP controller files, with over 70,000 blocks, all of which executes on a standard PC.  This is less expensive and more maintainable that any equivalent  training simulator on the market

Total Installed Consoles Passes 800

With new installations in the power industry in Asia, North America and elsewhere, and in the food processing and other industries, the total number of installed consoles is now greater than 800.

Selected by Siemens Power Generation

Previse OPC server for Bailey DCS has been selected by Siemens Power generation (SPG) as a standard component in a new SPG product. 



Standard Previse Screen System Available

Our new standard screen system for iFIX provides full console functionality "out-of-the-box", and makes it easier, faster, and less expensive to convert your old console HMI to a Previse console, while providing a highly functional and easy to use console.

Selected by Siemens Energy & Automation

Previse OPC server for Bailey DCS has been selected by Siemens Energy & Automation (SEA) as a standard component in a new SEA product for a major SEA client. 



Support for Infi 90 SCSI CIU Released

Previse released OPsCon support for SCSI CIU devices INICI03 and INMCP02.  OPsCon is not only faster, but tag capacity is increased to 30,000 tags.

EKA Chemicals Selects OPsCon

After evaluating OPsCon, EKA Chemicals has selected OPsCon to replace Bailey DCS connections that they had purchased elsewhere.  OPsCon is simply faster, more functional, more robust, and better supported.



AGA Makes a Third OPsCon Purchase

After previous OPsCon installations at AGA air separation plants in Venezuela and Germany , AGA selects OPsCon for another installation in Sweden .  AGA's commitment to OPsCon provides results from our programs to provide the most robust and functional console available for Bailey DCS systems.

OPsCon Selected At Midwest Generation

OPsCon selected to replace consoles in the coal yard at Midwest Generation Waukegan facility in Illinois .



OPsCon Selected At Elf Petroleum in Nigeria

Elf Petroleum selected OPsCon to replace 5 channels of OIS20 operators consoles at their 60,000 bpd off shore oil production facility with multiple off shore platforms in Nigeria.  This project, won over competition from ABB (Conductor NT) and Foxboro I/A, was integrated by InTech Process Automation.  InTech, with offices in Texas , Nigeria and Pakistan was responsible for console integration as well as substantial DCS engineering.  InTech did such a good job that they have received a letter of recommendation from Elf.  Previse is pleased to be at Elf, and pleased to be associated with professional partners such as InTech.

OPsCon Selected Around the World

OPsCon has been selected as an operators console replacement for the opera theatre physical plant in Genoa Italy , a steel plant in China , district heating system Ontario Canada , Waste Disposal plant in the United Kingdom and the power plant at a USAF air force base in United States.  Time and time again OPsCon wins over the competition around the world.

OPsCon Wins Over Intense Competition

OPsCon won at Tasman Pulp and Paper in New Zealand after an intense competition with the big boys: Rockwell, Fisher Rosemount and ABB.  Most significant is that OPsCon won the day over BOTH Conductor NT® and Maestro®, ABB's flagship console products for Net 90 and Infi 90 DCS systems.  Key factors in the win were superior screen and keyboard functionality, ease of use, system flexibility, maintainability by site staff, and lower evaluated cost.

This win, in a large plant which had already begun to install Conductor NT, demonstrates OPsCon product superiority over the current offerings from ABB.

In-Service in Milwaukee

The largest OPsCon™ installation to date, with over 13 servers, 70 clients, 18000 tags and a PI historian is now in-service in the City of Milwaukee in Wisconsin .  OPsCon won in a tendered contract for this installation in the cities water and sewage facilities, as OPsCon provided a fully compliant solution, with all required features, at the lowest overall cost.

This win, in a tendered and formally evaluated competition, demonstrates that OPsCon is the best Operators console available for Net 90® and Infi 90® DCS systems.



OPsCon Win in Venezuela

Previse® is pleased to announce that OPsCon has been selected as the new operators console for the AGA compressed gas plant in Venezuela This late Y2K project award required that the new consoles would be up and running by December 31, 1999.  This time critical integration was accomplished by local partner GTME in Venezuela on time.

Automated Display Conversion a Reality

Who would be crazy enough to include a full 490 functioning process graphic screens in an unpaid pre-sales product demonstration?  We would.. that's who!  And we did!  It only took about 3 days.

With the automated screen conversion functions that we have for OPsCon, we can convert your Bailey format screens and be up and running with initial functionality in less time that it takes our competitors to blink.



OPsCon™ v2.0 is Released

OPsCon™ v2.0 is built around the powerful OPC standards and offers many additional features, to provide a full featured operators console for Bailey Net 90 and Infi 90 DCS systems.



OPsCon™ v1.4 is Released

OPsCon™ v1.4 released to installations in the mining and power industries.  With Intellution FIX32, this was the first full operators console version of OPsCon.

Previse Joins OPC Foundation

Previse is proud to have been one of the earliest members of the OPC Foundation, long before OPC was commonly known.  The OPC Foundation is dedicated to Microsoft based standards for the process control industry.



Previse Accredited by Microsoft

Previse® is pleased to announce accreditation by Microsoft as a Partner within the Microsoft Solution Provider channel. This accreditation is awarded for exceptional capabilities within the Microsoft domain, and in recognition of an exclusive focus on development of Microsoft products.

Previse Wins Power Plant Award

Previse is awarded the prestigious Power Plant award by Power Magazine, in recognition of product excellence in the development of a state of the art power plant performance monitoring system for the 100 megawatt Colver Power Project in Pennsylvania. This system, based on the Intellution FIX HMI , and connected to a Bailey DCS, is the predecessor of the current OPsCon™ operators console.